Why is my glass not transparent blender?

Your problem stems from having only 1 set in your light paths for transmission, as a result, the rays are not reaching the back of your glass. Activate your subsurf by clicking on the eye in the modfier. Set transparency in light paths to be a minimum of 4 and likewise do the same for transmission.

How do I make a PNG transparent in blender?

In Blender Internal, If you want the background to be transparent, you can change the output type to RGBA and in the Scene tab under Layer, untick Sky.

Does Blender support PNG?

Use PNG. if you intend on-screen output or encoding into multiple video formats. Use JPEG. for on-screen output where file size is a concern and quality loss is acceptable.

What is IOR of glass?

The Index of Refraction (IOR) is a value used to specify the way that light is scattered as it passes through a material. You are most familar with the “bent straw” effect when viewing a clear glass of water and a straw. … Three: 1.00 for the air, 1.33 for the water in the glass, and 1.52 for the water glass.

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