How do you save a central model in Revit?

How do I create a local file in central Revit?

Create a Local Copy of a Central Model

  1. Click File tab Open.
  2. In the Open dialog, navigate to the folder where the central model resides and select it. To navigate to a central model that is connected to the Revit Server: …
  3. Under Worksharing, verify that Create New Local is selected. …
  4. Click Open.

18 февр. 2019 г.

How do you save a detached model in Revit?


  1. Click File tab Open.
  2. Select a workshared model.
  3. In the Open dialog, select Detach from Central.
  4. Click Open. The default file name for the model is the original filename with “_detached” appended. …
  5. In the task dialog, specify whether to preserve or discard worksets. …
  6. Save the model.

18 февр. 2019 г.

How do I reinstall Revit?

  1. Do one of the following: (Windows XP) In the Add or Remove Programs window, select Revit, then click Change/Remove. …
  2. Select Repair or Reinstall. On the Select Repair or Reinstall page, select one of the following options, and then click Next to start the process. …
  3. On the Repair Complete page, click Finish.
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How do you create a central model in Revit 2020?

Create a Central Model from an Existing Workshared Model

  1. Open the existing workshared file.
  2. Click File tab Save As (Project).
  3. In the Save As dialog, rename the file, and click Options.
  4. In the File Save Options dialog, select Make this a Central Model after save.
  5. Select a default workset for local copies. …
  6. In the Save As dialog, click Save.

10 янв. 2021 г.

Where is local Revit file saved?

When working on Collaboration for Revit files, local copies are saved at the following file path: C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitRevit Version>CollaborationCache.

What does detach from central mean in Revit?

If the Revit project file (RVT) in your Work in progress folder (or any working folder) is a central file, you can right-click the file and use the Detach from central command to save a copy of the file to some destination folder.

To detach from the central file you will need to launch Revit, and browse to the file using Revit’s file open dialog. Once you find the file you will see options in the file open dialog that allow you to “detach” the file.

How do Revit Worksets work?

When you make a workset editable in Revit, you are taking exclusive ownership of all objects in it. Only one user can exclusively edit each workset at a given time. All team members can view worksets owned by other team members, but they cannot always make changes to them.

Why is create new local greyed out?

A couple more reasons the Create New Local option is disabled: The file does not have worksets enabled or the file is based on an older version of Revit than currently being used (meaning an upgrade is required).

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How do you find the central model in Revit?


  1. Open the appropriate version of Revit.
  2. Click File > Open > and navigate to the central model on the server.
  3. Click once to select the central model.
  4. Verify that the Create New Local box is checked. *
  5. Click Open.

5 февр. 2020 г.

How do you update a central model in Revit?

Upgrade through Revit

In the legacy release of Revit, open and detach the central model from Revit Server. Save the model to the local file system. Open the model in the newer release of Revit to upgrade it. Finally, save the model to the newer release of Revit Server.

How do I sync Revit models?

When working on a workshared project, use the Synchronize with Central tool to save your local changes to the central model. To Synchronize with Central: Click Collaborate tab Synchronize panel Synchronize with Central drop-down (Synchronize Now).

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