How do I enter a command in Revit?

How do I change the command in Revit?

To set up custom Revit shortcuts, navigate to the File Menu > Options > User Interface. From this window, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize button. In the Keyboard Shortcuts window, you can search for a command or tool by typing the name into the Search text box.

What is the shortcut key of snap in Revit?


Object Snap Shortcut Key Description
Centers SC Snaps to the center of an arc.
Perpendicular SP Snaps to perpendicular elements or components.
Tangents ST Snaps tangent to an arc.
Points SX Snaps to site points when editing points using the Move or Copy tool.

What is the shortcut key for polyline command?

P PAN / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition
PE PEDIT / Edits polylines and 3D polygon meshes
PL PLINE / Creates a 2D polyline
PO POINT / Creates a point object
POFF HIDEPALETTES / Hides currently displayed palettes (including the command line)
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What is the short key of door?

Keyboard shortcuts for Rational DOORS Next Generation

Keyboard shortcut Description
Backspace or Del Deletes a character.
Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Del Deletes a word.
Ctrl+A Selects all the contents of a document.
Shift+Arrow Selects a text fragment by letters.

What is the Revit family file format?

The Revit Family File is stored in the RFA format and is affixed with the RFA extension, and is used by Revit. These RFA files are generally classified as data files that contain one or more 3D models that can be imported into a three dimensional scene and were created and saved using the Revit Family Editor.

How do I change the shortcut keys in Revit?

Add a keyboard shortcut to a command:

  1. Select the desired command from the Assignments list. The cursor moves to the Press new keys field. …
  2. Press the desired key sequence. As you press keys, the sequence displays in the field. …
  3. When the desired key sequence displays in the field, click Assign.

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What is the shortcut key of snap?

Windows Snapping

Simply use these keyboard shortcuts: Windows Key + Left – Snap current window to the left side of the screen. Windows Key + Right – Snap current window to the right side of the screen. Windows Key + Up – Snap current window to the top of the screen.

How do you turn on snaps in Revit?


  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel (Snaps).
  2. In the Snaps dialog, do one of the following: To enable snaps, clear Snaps Off, and define other settings as desired to specify snap increments and disable selected object snaps. To disable all snaps, select Snaps Off.
  3. Click OK.
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What is the shortcut key for grids and level?

The default shortcut to show the grid is: ctrl + ” . If for some reason yours may be different you can always check by going to View > Show Grid and next to it their should be notation for what the shortcut key is set to for you. Hope that helps.

What are the basic AutoCAD commands?

150 AutoCAD Command and Shortcut list, PDF eBook included

  • L. It can be used for making simple lines in the drawing.
  • C. It is the command used for making a circle in AutoCAD.
  • PL. This command can be used to make a Polyline in your drawing.
  • REC. This command will make a rectangle in AutoCAD.
  • POL. …
  • ARC. …
  • ELLIPSE. …
  • REG.

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What are the basics of AutoCAD?

Basics: This section reviews the basic AutoCAD controls. Viewing: Pan and zoom in a drawing, and control the order of overlapping objects. Geometry: Create basic geometric objects such as lines, circles, and hatched areas. Precision: Ensure the precision required for your models.

What is the command for opening units Windows?

Go to Application menu on the top left of AutoCAD window and select Drawing Utilities option and then select Units as shown in the image below. Alternatively, you can also use its command UN. The Drawing Units window will open with default settings as per the selected template.

Where is the Fn key?

The Fn key is located in the bottom row of a keyboard, generally next to the Ctrl key.

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What is the shortcut to open D drive?

Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+O will activate the “Open CDROM” shortcut and will open the door of your CD-ROM. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C will activate the “Close CDROM”shortcut and will close the door of your CD-ROM.

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