Can you copy drafting views between projects Revit?

How do I copy a drafting view from one project to another in Revit?

  1. Click Insert tab Import panel Insert from File drop-down Insert Views from File.
  2. In the Open dialog, select a project file, and click Open. The Insert Views dialog opens, which displays views that are saved in the project.
  3. From the list, select an option for views to display.
  4. Select the views to insert, and click OK.

How do you copy a view in Revit?

To copy the model geometry from an existing view into a new view, right-click the existing view in the Project Browser, and click Duplicate View Duplicate. If you right-click, and click Duplicate View Duplicate with Detailing, both the model geometry and the detail geometry are copied into the new view.

How do you copy an elevation view in Revit?

Copying Drafting Views & Schedules

  1. Select a drafting view or schedule in the project browser.
  2. Right-click and choose ‘Copy to Clipboard’
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8 мар. 2015 г.

How do you reference a drafting view in Revit?

Insert a reference callout to an existing view, or create a new drafting view.

  1. Open the view in which you want to add a callout to a drafting view.
  2. Click View tab Create panel (Callout).
  3. On the Reference panel, select Reference Other View.
  4. Select a reference view name from the drop-down list.

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How do I export details from Revit?

To save a single view, in the Project Browser, right-click the view and click Save to New File. Navigate to the desired location, enter a file name, and click Save. To save several views from the project, select Save As Library View. In the Save Views dialog, select the views to save, and click OK.

How do you crop a draft in Revit?

Go to View Ribbon tab -> Windows Ribbon Panel -> User Interface drop down -> Keyboard Shortcuts (or use the Keyboard Shortcut KS to access this command). In the search box type in Crop. Find the command Crop (Uncrop) View and note the keyboard shortcut.

What does duplicate as dependent mean in Revit?

Duplicate as a Dependent creates a copy of the view and links it to the original (parent) view, as shown in the Project Browser below. View-specific changes made to the overall view, such as changing the Scale, are also reflected in the dependent (child) views and vice-versa.

What is the difference between duplicate and duplicate with detailing in Revit?

When you select the “duplicate” option, an exact duplicate of the view is created, without the annotation and detailing items. … When you select “Duplicate with Detailing,” the model geometry of the view is duplicated as well as the annotation and detailing elements.

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Which view type can be used to add levels to a project?

In addition to creating a level for each story in a building, you can also create reference levels, such as sill level. Open the section or elevation view to add levels to.

How do I copy text from AutoCAD to Revit?

Cut & Paste Text in AutoCAD & Revit

  1. To Copy Text cleanly from Microsoft Word into AutoCAD or Revit:
  2. Step One: Highlight the text in Word & COPY to Clipboard (CNTRL+C)
  3. Step Two: In either AutoCAD or Revit begin the TEXT command.
  4. Step Three: Click out in the drawing area to begin the text box.
  5. Step Four: Paste the text into the text box (CNTRL+V)

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How do I get my project browser back in Revit?

To open the Project Browser, click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down Project Browser, or right-click anywhere in the application window and click Browsers Project Browser.

How do you call out in Revit?

In a project, click View tab Create panel (Callout). In the Type Selector, select the type of callout to create: a detail callout or a view callout (a callout view that has the same view type as the parent view). See Callout Types. On the Options Bar, for Scale, select a scale for the callout view.

How do you label a callout in Revit?


  1. Click Create tab Text panel (Label).
  2. Move the cursor to the drawing area, and click where you want the information to display in the callout head.
  3. In the Edit Label dialog, under Category Parameters, select the field to place in the callout head.
  4. Click (Add parameters to label).
  5. Click OK.
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What is a callout in drafting?

In publishing, a callout or call-out is a short string of text connected by a line, arrow, or similar graphic to a feature of an illustration or technical drawing, and giving information about that feature.

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