What is an extension line in AutoCAD?

What is a extension lines in AutoCAD?

Fixed-Length Extension Lines

You can specify a dimension style that sets the total length for extension lines starting from the dimension line toward the dimension origin point. The extension line offset distance from the origin will never be less than the value specified by the DIMEXO system variable.

What is the purpose of an extension line?

Extension lines continue or extend from the surface of the object and establish the size of the dimension. They do not touch the object lines and extend slightly past the dimension line. Extension lines provide a means of displaying a measurement without placing the dimension on the part.

What’s an extension line?

(a) Extension lines are used to indicate the extension of an edge or point to a location outside the part outline. (b) Dimension lines show the direction and extent of dimension. (c) Leader lines are used to direct an expression, in note form, to the intended place on the drawing.

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What is the difference between a dimension line and an extension line?

Dimension & Extension Lines. Dimension Lines – show the direction and extent of the numerical size. They are thin lines and terminate with an arrowhead at each end. … Extension Lines – are used to extend a surface or a point beyond the outline of the object so that a numerical size can be related to that surface.

How do I remove extension lines in Autocad?

Click the Remove grip( ) on the extension line of each point to remove, or click AEC Dimension tab Modify panel Remove Ext. Lines .

How do I draw a line extension in Autocad?

To Control the Display of Extension Lines

  1. Click Home tab Annotation panel Dimension Style. Find.
  2. In the Dimension Style Manager, select the style you want to change. Click Modify.
  3. In the Modify Dimension Style dialog box, Lines tab, under Extension Lines, change the settings as needed.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Close to exit the Dimension Style Manager.

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What is an example of line extension?

What is a brand line extension? A company introduces a brand line extension by using an established product’s brand name to launch a new, slightly different item in the same product category. For example, Diet Coke™ is a line extension of the parent brand Coke™.

Can extension lines cross each other?

No line of the drawing should be used as a dimension line or coincide with one. … Dimension lines and extension lines should not cross, if avoidable. Extension lines may cross each other. When extension lines cross extension lines or visible lines, no break in either should be made.

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What is the purpose of leader line and extension line?

Extension lines are also thin lines, showing the limits of dimensions. Dimension line arrowheads touch extension lines. Leaders are more thin lines used to point to an area of a drawing requiring a note for explanation. They are preferably drawn at a 45° angles.

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Can cell phones have extensions?

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What are short break lines?

Short-Break Line: A freehand drawn line that shows where a part is. broken to reveal detail behind the part or to shorten a. long continuous part. Short-Break Line. Line Conventions.

What are alphabet lines?

The Alphabet of Lines is a list of line symbols that engineers use in technical drawings to communicate specific shapes, sizes or surfaces. The lines and symbols used in the Alphabet of Lines are universal, which means engineers around the world use and understand them.

What are typical dimension line terminators called?

Arrowheads are typical dimension line terminators. There are other acceptable dimension line terminators. Arrowheads point directly to the object that is being dimensioned or the extension lines at the end of the dimension. Arrowheads are made three times as long as they are wide.

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What are leader lines?

A leader line is a line that establishes a connection between a graphical representation of an item and some text. A leader points to a bit of our drawing and says: … A leader line also has a terminator and some text. A leader line may have a reference line under the text.

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