How do I add vehicle tracking to AutoCAD?

What is Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking offers a swept path analysis that connects directly to your designed environment. Whether you need to evaluate a parking lot, airport, light rail system, or roadways, Vehicle Tracking offers simulation and analysis tools to evaluate vehicle movements predictably.

How do I turn on tracking in AutoCAD?

Note: To turn polar tracking on or off temporarily, hold down the F10 key while you work. The direct distance entry method is not available while you are using the temporary override key for polar tracking.

How much does AutoTURN software cost?

US$149/year for the online version, looks to be all they publish.

How do I add AutoTURN in Civil 3D?

Right click and Load file as partial. Back to the customize tab, click a workspace and press customize workspace. Expand the newly added Autoturn CUI and turn on menus you want loaded. Press Done.

What is a swept path analysis?

Swept Path Analysis is the simulation of a vehicle moving within a digital design. Its purpose is to create designs (such as roads, driveways, developments or parking facilities) that can accommodate vehicle needs during operation, or to ensure that specific vehicles can manoeuvre through specific routes.

What is the use of polar tracking in AutoCAD?

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When using any drawing command, Polar Tracking allows you to snap to specific angles with the cursor instead of typing the angles into the command line. This can make your drawing much faster and easier!

How do you activate a Pickbox in AutoCAD?

At the top you will find a slider bar for the Pickbox size and the Grip size. Click and drag the slider bar to adjust the box in the preview window to your desired size. The other two boxes are found half way down on the “Drafting” tab. You can adjust these in the same manner; click and drag the slider bar.

How do I turn on dynamic input in AutoCAD?

Right-click on the dynamic input button in the status bar and choose “Dynamic Input Settings.”


  1. Press the F12 key to toggle Dynamic Input on and off.
  2. Change the DYNMODE variable to 1 for on, or 0 for off.
  3. Toggle the dynamic input icon in the lower-left or lower-right corner of the program:
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